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Signing a business contract is a high-pressure situation-make sure that no one is taking advantage of you or your business. When you need to develop a business contract that's fair and comprehensive, consult David H. Carmichael Attorney at Law. Attorney Carmichael helps business owners develop detailed business contracts in Scottsdale, AZ.

If you're involved in a disagreement over the terms of a business contract, you can also rely on attorney Carmichael to resolve contract disputes. Make an appointment today.

Business Litigation

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Attorney Carmichael has drafted agreements for small, medium and large-size businesses on a variety of issues, such as:

Financing agreements

Joint ventures

Real estate sales and leases

Licensing agreements

Equipment leasing and acquisition

Employment and severance agreements

Manufacturing agreements

Maintenance agreements

Warranty issues distribution

Business Contracts

Attorney Carmichael will meet with you to discuss the fine points of your business contract. You can rely on him to develop a comprehensive contract that meets all of your needs.

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